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Vis·cos·i·ty [viˈskäsədē/]

Viscosity is an interpretation on the movement and fluidity of differing actions, performed in a repetitive manner to create recognizable patterns. These movements capture moments in time that can express great silence, stillness, or spontaneous outbursts. Heavily textured paintings convey a sense of isolation, mystery, and renewal within the context of coral reef systems, and the invertebrates that inhabit them. Many organisms spend their entire lives anchored to a single location. Furthermore, future generations build on top of existing frameworks left by their ancestors’ skeletons.

All paintings are ready to ship with Nielson's Black Wooden frames, archival Crescent Ragmat, & acid-free Backing.

SOLD SOLD $850.00 USD $650.00 USD $650.00 USD SOLD SOLD SOLD $950.00 USD $950.00 USD SOLD $650.00 USD SOLD $650.00 USD $650.00 USD $650.00 USD $650.00 USD $950.00 USD $950.00 USD $3,500.00 USD $750.00 USD $750.00 USD